I’m worried about Diet Soda Cake

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It started off as a completely innocent search: How much does a batch of frosted cupcakes cost to make? Ten minutes and many Yahoo! Answers pages later, I had gone off the deep end of diet baked goods, and I was starting to get worried. Fucking Diet Soda Cakes: How do they work?

A few weeks ago, I bought a box of Funfetti Cupcake Mix on sale for $1. I mixed up a small batch of cream cheese frosting to go with the cupcakes, with ingredients totaling about $1.80, so final cost for each of my 12 cupcakes was about 23 cents.

I was curious how this cost matched up to budget-conscious food blog recipes, so I searched Budget Bytes, a great food blog focused on homemade low-cost meals, to see how my $2.80 matched up. The site’s sole cupcake recipe included both boxed frosting and food coloring, so budget-wise we were on different levels, but it wasn’t the cost that caught my eye. IT WAS THE DIET SODA.

White cake mix and a can of diet lemon-lime soda form the basis of this recipe; the soda substituted for the vegetable oil and eggs that typically flesh out a boxed cake mix. I’m still not clear on how this works scientifically, and the online community seems equally vexed. No closer to the answer of the food science behind the cake, my next question was this: were diet soda cakes an innovation unique to this blog? Or had I stumbled on some kind of crazy diet baked goods underbelly?

Much to my surprise, the answer was the latter: diet soda cakes blanket the internet with the force of an adorable cat video. Chocolate cake and diet root beer. Devil’s food cake and diet Coke. White cake and diet Sprite, or, if you’re feeling sassy, diet orange soda. Recipes — that is, if you can call “1 box mix, 1 can of soda” a recipe — and recommendations abound, with most posters crediting Weight Watchers for the creation. Some people prefer the addition of an egg white or two, while others suggest fruit additions such as canned pineapple or frozen blueberries. Some (read: Yahoo! Answers users, natch) misunderstand the concept of ingredient reduction altogether. But the common thread is clear: Diet soda makes dieting DELICIOUS.

I can tell you right now: I will most likely never bake a diet soda cake, simply because I dislike the taste of artificial sweeteners. But hey, if that’s your jam, go for it!

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I think this question requires a higher power than the Facebook Questions box. Like maybe Google. Or Yahoo Answers.

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I guess he used so much punctuation in the post’s title that there wasn’t any left over for the post itself!

[ screenshot from Yahoo Answers ]

University Knowledge Fail

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The best part? His avatar is “Solid B.” Way to shoot for the stars, buddy.

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Yahoo Answers: Always Full of Win

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Nearly every time I search a complete sentence on Google (e.g. “what do vegetarians eat with mashed potatoes?” and “what can I serve with eggplant parmesan?”—no idea why they are usually food related), I end up with really amusing Yahoo Answers results. For example, when I searched the aforementioned eggplant question, this is what I found:

Okay, sure. Good answer. The cheesecake part was sort of out of left field, but whatever, I understand why it was chosen as the best. But scroll down a little, and you’ll find this understated gem:

Uncle Meat, your name (and avatar, yikes!) might be creepy, but your understanding of Italian cuisine is unparalleled.

And finally, under “Related Unsolved Questions,” I found this:

Color me surprised that his question hasn’t received any answers. Can’t imagine why!

No, YOU ask Google!

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I mean, it’s not like I expect much from Yahoo Answers to begin with—aside from hilarity, natch—but this answer is one of the best (and by best I mean worst, of course) that I have ever seen. I’m going to use caps, NickName, just to make sure you can hear me: WHY BOTHER SPENDING THE TIME TO TYPE AND SUBMIT AN ANSWER SUGGESTING A TASK THAT YOU WERE TOO LAZY TO DO YOURSELF?! And Chavez Che? Really?

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