I’m having a ’90s moment

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How often do you see Rachael Leigh Cook or Julia Stiles in the public eye, let alone the two at the same time? 10 Things I Hate About You remiains one of my favorite movies, by the way—and not just because it features the infinitely awesome Allison Janney.

[ screenshot from Jezebel ]



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When I made a Motown playlist* on iTunes last fall, I included just one song that was outside of the genre: “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé. At the time, I slipped it in simply because I wanted to listen to Beyoncé and Gladys Knight in rapid succession, but now I realize, there’s a method to my madness!

[ video from YouTube, natch ]

* Title? “SING IT, SISTER!”

Cool & Random Coincidence

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Last December I saw this necklace on the Banana Republic website while looking for Christmas gifts for my mom and sister:

I thought it was so unusual and unlike any necklace I had seen before, although I did find it to be a bit too gaudy, and it was pretty expensive, too. The main reason it stuck in my head, though, was that it looked like something I could make myself! (To my preferred level of gaudiness, of course.) It’s no longer available on BananaRepublic.com, but today, while watching Monday’s episode of Castle, I noticed something cool:

Castle’s mom wearing the exact same necklace! It’s such a great pick for her character: big, gaudy, theatrical, and totally over the top. Well done, costume department!

[ photo from BR archive; screen shot from Hulu ]

When pop cultures collide!

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Few things make me more irrationally excited than when two of my favorite bits of unrelated pop culture come together. (See, for example, the Kevin Smith storyline on “Degrassi,” or anytime Benny Ninja appears on “America’s Next Top Model.”) So, of course, I was tickled to read that Kevin Smith was a big fan of “Mad Men” in this USA Today article, and, even cooler, that creator Matthew Weiner was inspired by Clerks!

[ image from Wikipedia ]

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