This is what I’m talking about!

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I knew I couldn’t be the only person afraid of raccoons!

[ comic from Dinosaur Comics ]



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I sent this picture to my boyfriend. His response: “Should I get you one for your birthday?”

[ image from People of Walmart]

Rant: Stuff I Hate

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I’m normally a very positive person, but for some reason the other day I thought that I would sit down and punch out a list of stuff I just hate. Weird, I know. But, whatever. Here goes.

  • capers: they are weird and squishy and it freaks me out even to touch them.
  • raccoons: nature’s bastard pirates
  • needles
  • the fuzzy skin on peaches: CANNOT. TOUCH. MY LIPS. or my skin crawls.
  • harem pants: ugh.
  • peep-toe boots: I mean, COME ON! That shit is ugly.
  • princess culture
  • the use of the word “gay” to mean “stupid
  • adults who are really into Disney
  • leashes on children: I mean, I get it, sometimes, but it still bugs me.
  • the use of a hyphen (-) where an em-dash (—) should go
  • incorrect use of the possessive apostrophe (e.g. “We have tshirt’s in stock!”)
  • the use of “quotes” instead of bold to “emphasize” “text” on signs
  • Comic Sans
  • tiaras: do me a favor, and please never wear one to a wedding, 16th birthday party, or bachelorette party again. You are not really a princess. Sorry.
  • mung bean sprouts
  • hot tomatoes and tomatoes in non-vegetarian sandwiches
  • dark lip liner with light lipstick
  • pastel colors
  • rat tails: that’s a cheap shot though, I mean, who does like them??
  • when people miss a belt loop on their pants
  • cage sandals or boots: I’m looking at you, YSL.
  • Transitions lenses: I mean, they stay grey when you head inside. Can anyone pull that off?
  • those Geico commercials with the goggley-eyed money
  • people who are selfish and don’t have a sense of group or communal responsibility
  • people who are rude to food service workers
  • people who break the RULES

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