Berkeley on your TV Screen

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So a few weeks ago I was watching Bones on Hulu, and I noticed a scene that looked familiar:

It was UC Berkeley’s Valley Life Sciences Building! (Used as an establishing shot for a university in upstate New York, that is.)

I was pretty sure from the moment I paused the video that this was, in fact, a shot of UC Berkeley, but just to be sure I started Googling for an image of the building from a similar angle to confirm my hunch. It didn’t take long, for on the first page of Google Image hits I saw this image, which looked eerily familiar:

Hmm… same building, same angle, same trees, same water spot on the ground (next to the bicyclist in the second image)… the only difference appeared to be the people. And yet this second image is from the 1994 movie Junior starring Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The film took place in San Francisco and Berkeley, and used many local buildings and landscapes in its filming.

But the similarity between these two images, one used in a 1994 film and the other in a 2011 television show, is still a mystery to me. Do production companies just have hours of stock “establish-the-scene” footage that editors can include in their films/shows? Did the Bones folks take footage from 1994 and Photoshop new people into the scene? INQUIRING MINDS, etc.

[ screenshot from Hulu; image from Film in America ]


I’m having a ’90s moment

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How often do you see Rachael Leigh Cook or Julia Stiles in the public eye, let alone the two at the same time? 10 Things I Hate About You remiains one of my favorite movies, by the way—and not just because it features the infinitely awesome Allison Janney.

[ screenshot from Jezebel ]

“Smokey, this is not ‘Nam. This is bowling. There are rules!”

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Last year I talked about a trend in slang whereby the prefix un- is added to verbs and nouns where it was previously not allowed (prime example: “unfriend”). Typically, as in the case of the previous example, this occurs on verbs, but while re-watching “The Big Lebowski” today, I heard an awesome example of noun affixation:

“Come on, you’re being very un-dude.”

More than 10 years before the New York Times identified the Facebook-era phenomenon of un- proliferation, Walter was totally on top of his slang!

Avatar Yourself

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After a friend posted the image he had created on a create-your-own-avatar website, I decided to upload photos of me and my boyfriend and see what we would look like if we were nine feet tall and, well, blue-skinned:

I think mine looks more like me than his looks like him, but maybe that’s just the mullet dreadlocks talking.

[ screenshots from Avatarize Yourself ]

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