Bubbles Quincy Adams

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Allow me to introduce our cat, Bubbles — she is four years old, wears a tortoiseshell coat pattern, and is sometimes known to her friends as Bubbles Quincy Adams.

When my brother suggested that Bubbles deserved her own Facebook page, the first decision that we needed to make was obvious: what would her last name be? Bubbles The Cat seemed too obvious and pedestrian, so my boyfriend suggested Bubbles Washington, and then the aforementioned Bubbles Quincy Adams, affectionately named after his favorite U.S. president.

Something about the idea of a three-named cat struck us (and some friends we discussed this idea with) as hilarious, and so began the listing of  possible Bubbles aliases drawn from history and pop culture. Some of the contenders:

  • Lady Bubbles Johnson
  • Bubbles Todd Lincoln
  • Bubbles Bee Anthony
  • Bubbles E. Lee
  • Bubbles S Truman
  • Bubbles Washington Carver
  • Bubbles Jessica Parker
  • Bubbles Love Hewitt
  • Bubbles Bon Jovi
  • Shia LaBubbles — my friend Kelly came up with this one, and I think it might be my favorite, simply based on how much it made me laugh!

Since John Quincy Adams was the first president to have his photograph taken, it only seemed appropriate to begin photo creation with a Bubbles Q. Adams. She looks so dignified next to that giant stack of books!

Although usually I think the blog convention of ending a post with a comment-provoking question is somewhat trite, this seems like an appropriate situation to ask: Do you have any suggestions for other celebrities Bubbles could impersonate?

[ original image from Wikipedia ]


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