About This Thing

This is but my most recent foray into something like a blog. I have tried — and failed — at Live Journal, Dead Journal, My Space blog posts, and probably a whole bunch more sites that I have completely forgotten about. I started this experiment in the summer of 2008 with a Google Pages site. Although I found Google pages to be the easiest and most intuitive host I had ever used (natch, Google), since it was not intended as a blogging medium, it lacked snazzy comment features or anything of that nature.

I decided that, in the case that I really made this blog work out better than I had in the past — which is to say, more than two posts in a year — I would consider moving the whole thing to a more respectable blog site, which is what this blog is for. So consider this My Blog v2.0 — now *actually* a blog!

Basically, I think of this blog as a place to stash all the random links, photos, rants, and ideas I am inspired or amused by each day; rather than spamming Facebook walls or sending out one too many emails, I dump my brain here. I hope you enjoy it!

P.S. For those who are curious, the URL should be read “the m dash,” not “them dash” — think of it as a (misspelled) love letter to my favorite grammatical symbol.


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  1. How exciting!

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