Dress Your Best Week Day 2: Waist

May 16, 2010 at 12:58 pm | Posted in Me | Leave a comment
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Day 2 of Dress Your Best Week (Wednesday’s outfit) served to highlight my waist. I am lucky enough to have something of an hourglass figure, with a narrow, well-defined waist that I never really appreciated until high-waisted skirts and waist-belted dresses came into fashion. What a shame that it went to waste (heh) for all those years during the rein of low-rise jeans and skirts worn around the hips!

Once I embraced waist-emphasizing dresses and skirts, I never looked back. My waist is the reason that my style has evolved to favor outfits with a 40s or 50s silhouette.

The real workhorse in this outfit is the brown woven belt, which is probably the best thrift store purchase I have ever made. Before waist-emphasizing styles gained widespread popularity, I found thrift stores were the best place to find belts that were short enough to be worn around the waist, since department and mall stores were still selling mostly hip-length belts. This brown belt is my go-to waist emphasizer, and helps make this green Gap skirt—which I purchased years ago to be worn around the hips—into the perfect waist-emphasizing outfit. Usually I like to wear a bright eye-catching necklace with this simply black blouse, but since this outfit was all about the waist, I left my neck clear so that all emphasis would be on the belt and the narrowness of my waist.

So here’s to you, waist, for giving me an hourglass figure that I absolutely love, and for helping me feel beautiful and feminine in dresses and skirts!

For more, check out academichic‘s original post on Dress Your Best Week.


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