Slap me with your genius, Reverend

November 15, 2009 at 5:06 pm | Posted in Internet Sleuthiness | Leave a comment

Another day, another entry in the series I’ve just this moment decided to call, “Words of Wisdom from the 1840’s.” Today’s two pearls of wisdom both jumped out at me because they felt like such good advice for modern society, and so not dated despite being 150 years old! The first is from The Complete Home, published in 1879:

Every person in dressing the hair should regard the method which will be becoming to their own faces, whether than method is the fashion or not.

This advice may sound obvious at first, but how many modern girls do you know that NEED TO HEAR IT? The second quote is from a speech by Reverend W.P. Strickland, as printed in The Ladies’ Repository in 1844:

Much has been said in regard to the inferiority of the female intellect. If it be a fact that there is a difference between the male and female intellect, that difference must not be ascribed to the ancient and exploded notion that God has endowed the mind of man with greater powers and capacities than that of woman; but to the kind of education which they receive, and the different circumstances in which they are placed in life. This notion is not only antiquated, but an anti-Christian notion, for it is only in heathen countries where it prevails.

Whoa. Women could be, equal to men? In 1844?? So cool!


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