The North Carolina Diaries, Day 5

March 26, 2009 at 7:26 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Part 5: Hating the Rain


I am, by nature, an overpacker, so of late I’ve made a deliberate effort to pack only the clothes I will need. This time, I am regretting it.

When I checked the weather last week as I was packing, I was under the impression that I was in for nice weather, high 50s through low 70s. I packed accordingly; the warmest thing in my suitcase was a cardigan sweater! When I got to Raleigh yesterday, it was sprinkling a little bit, so with the few hours to kill before returning my rental car, I headed to Target and bought a very rad $20 little boy’s jacket that was also waterproof. (Trust me, it looks cooler on the bod than on the website.) On my way to the archives this morning, the light sprinkling continued, but my jacket kept me dry. And by 4 pm, when I was heading back to my hotel, the rain had stopped altogether.

Tonight, however, the rain came back. I ordered my to-go dinner before realizing this, though, and so when I headed outside for the 1.2 mile walk to and from the restaurant, I got drenched. My jacket, shirt, jeans, shoes, and even socks were soaked! I had not packed any weather-appropriate clothes, not even an umbrella. I was really annoyed, and wishing I had kept my rental car for two more days. It’s supposed to keep raining through the weekend, too…

Research-wise, though, today was good. I took the right bus to get into Downtown Raleigh (win!), found great stuff in the state archives, and even finished early! It was amusing being the only non-staff member under the age of 60 in the room. Tomorrow’s my last research day. It’s weird, because yesterday I felt like I was only halfway done, but now my trip is almost over!

P.S. Found this little spelling gem in my research today (this article is from ~1890s):

img_1520I guess headline spelling standards just aren’t what they used to be…


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