The North Carolina Diaries, Day 2

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Part 2: Playing College Student


Today I was back on campus to finish reading materials from the North Carolina Collection. The first thing that amused me today was reading the Police Log in The Daily Tar Heel, the student newspaper on campus (which was, I should mention, extremely impressive!). Now granted, I was coming from a college town that is flanked by two of the most violence-ridden cities in the country—specifically, #5 and #9—but even by those standards, the crimes described were totally vanilla. Here’s what’s happening in Chapel Hill, and I quote:

  • Indoor painters might have stolen personal items while inside a Chapel Hill house
  • A 13-year-old was caught driving friends around Franklin Street
  • Someone attempted to climb a tree to get onto the roof of Phillips Middle School
  • Someone attempted to steal a rugby shirt from Johnny T-shirt
  • The owners of a house on Pleasant Drive told police a dog was stuck in a fence in their yard [spoiler: the dog wriggles free when the police arrive!]
  • Someone’s bike was reported stolen
  • Someone informed Carrboro police Friday that several stray cats on Lloyd Street are now missing

That last one is definitely my favorite. How, pray tell, can a cat be “missing” if it’s a stray?? Also, if every stolen bike was reported in the Daily Cal, the Crime Log would stretch from Page 2 to Sports.

After leaving campus, I got a rental car and drove off to my second city: Whiteville, NC, the only city (literally) in Columbus County. Even the woman at Enterprise was dumbfounded when I told her where I was going. I think I may now be in the “South South,” because everyone here has accents, and the woman working at Bojangle’s (more on that in a minute) called me “Baby” when she asked me if I wanted grape or strawberry jam with my biscuit.

img_1487Seeing as I was now in the South South, I knew I had to consume exactly four things: biscuits, fried chicken, grits, and sweet tea. Lucky for me, I was able to knock three of the four out in one meal, thanks to Bojangle’s Chicken n’ Biscuits. My $6 combo meal consisted of: 4 chicken strips, 1 biscuit, 1 massive tub o’ mashed potatoes and gravy, french fries, and a giant sweet tea. Delicious!

Tomorrow I will head over to the Columbus County Public Library to use their archival collection. I think I saw a Sonic down the road. Sounds like lunch!


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