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(originally written July 28, 12:18 am)

Brief notes on some articles, with more to come:

From the San Diego Union-Tribune, this line: “That is a very broad brush to tar the industry with…” Am I wrong, or is there anything you can do with a “broad brush” but “paint”?

From the San Francisco Chronicle, serious sketchiness from Prop 8 supporters, who have resorted to using children to scare people into voting against gay marriage rights. Pathetic.

Also from the San Francisco Chronicle, an article about the passing of Carnegie Mellon professor Randy Pausch gives this choice quote from his mother, in how the way she would introduce him to friends kept him humble: “This is my son. He’s a doctor, but not the kind that helps people.” I seriously hope someone introduces me this way someday.

From the Bakersfield Californian via the Modesto Bee, more questionable journalistic behavior: a commentary piece asking us to “kick some budget butt” in its title. Uh…

From the Orange County Register, an article about a murder suspect found seven years later in Arkansas spawned some disgusting, racist user-submitted comments about Mexican people. At this point, I was going to say that I disagree with the argument made in an article about reading online from today’s New York Times, which was that reading in an interactive medium (as opposed to traditional books & print newspapers) makes the literary experience more dynamic and rich. On the contrary, after reading the comments section—especially in papers that cover communities like the OC Register ‘s—I feel totally and utterly depressed for the future of our nation. HOWEVER, since I initially read this article last week, the Register ‘s website has seemed to have made good on its comment-section preamble to “take action against obscene or hateful material,” and removed the racist comments. Golf claps, OC!

And finally, from the New York Times, the. best. article. title. ever: “Hasbro Notches Triple-Word Score Against Scrabulous With ‘Lawsuit’.”


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