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(originally written July 20, 9:25 pm)

I haven’t had much of anything interesting to say in the past few days since basically all I’ve done is read this website and this book. BUT! In taking a break from said activities, I actually read nearly all the way through the comments on a Jezebel article about “The View,” and found this gem. I *actually* LOLed at this last line:

“Whoopi deserves fucking wings and Sainthood, cause Hasselbeck makes me want to take off my shoes and earrings.

WHOA! I love this! What a fabulously visual way of describing the desire to cut a bitch! It reminds me of this one time last summer when some friends and I tried to go dancing at Blake’s on Telegraph, only to be told that Thursday night dancing had been canceled due to a huge “girlfight” the week prior. Said the waiter: “I’ve never seen so many hair extensions and fake nails on the floor in my life!” Ewwww. And yet, somehow, so awesome.


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