Sunday Magazine: Yes.

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(originally written July 5, 10:47 pm)

Oh, Sunday. Throughout high school it was arguably my favorite day of the week, because it meant the delivery of the New York Times Sunday magazine, as well as the laziness of a day in which I could just sit and read the entire thing. Now, as I no longer live with my parents, I am loathe to have to resort to the electronic versions of each of the articles—normally I am totally content with reading articles off the internet (see: all articles linked below!), but for some reason I am enamored with holding the actual magazine in my hands, and reading it as such. Nevertheless, a girl’s gotta make do with what she has, and so, I give you a few choice bits and pieces from today’s issue:

1. Questions for Robert Reich: I love Deborah Solomon’s interviews. She has a wonderful knack for cutting her interviewees absolutely no slack at all. Some interviewees react to this technique better than others, and I would argue that Reich is one of the best that I’ve read in a while. (And no, I’m not just linking to him because he’s a Cal professor! His answers are lovely and very intellegent.)

2. On Language – Fist Bump: Um, how cool is it that William Safire is devoting the first chunk of a column to a hand gesture?? As someone who once spent the good part of a day reading (and, in a few cases, editing) the entirety of the Gestures category on Wikipedia, I adore this column. Who knew that the spatial orientation of the fist in question alters the gesture from a “dap” (vertical) to a “bump” (horizontal)?

The fist bump heard round the world!

(On a related note, I love the caption of this photo from “How can someone so unbelieveable at golf be so terrible at the high five?”)

[ image from Time ]


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