My name is Sarah, and I read fashion blogs.

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(originally written June 25, 1:05 am)

One of my favorite (and most time-consuming) pastimes in the summer is reading copious, copious style & fashion blogs. During the school year I have to stick to a more pared-down Internets routine to have any chance whatsoever of getting my work done: Gmail, Facebook, NY Times, CNN, Post Secret on Sundays, Four Four on Mondays, etc. But during the summer, on the other hand, I tend to go a bit nuts. Last summer I discovered Kingdom of Style, and the other night I started poring over a blog out of Australia called Diary of a Fashion Faker—we’re talking stayed-up-til-four-in-the-morning-reading-old-posts poring over, so yeah, I’d definitely recommend it.

But the site I’m especially keen on—and a proud new member of—today is Craftster (I’ve added a link to the site down there on the left bar). Their (extremely massive and intimidating at first) forums discuss everything from reconstructed clothing, to homemade toys, to revamped shoes, to origami, perfume, makeup, and more. I spent most of my time in the “Shoes” and “Reconstructed Clothing” forums, and they have definitely inspired me to, once more, attack my ever-growing pile of sewing projects. Check it out, and perhaps you’ll discover a new way to put all this summertime freetime to good use!


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